Ways For Determining Your Heater’s Energy Efficiency

Energy bills are only getting higher due to the extreme winters and the cold season. As a resident or homeowner, it is essential to have an energy-efficient heater. Without an energy efficient heater, you might end up with heftier energy bills since the system needs to work even harder while trying to maintain the indoor temperature.

If you require professional information regarding your heating unit, continue reading. Our experts performing furnace installation in Orem, UT have compiled information regarding signs of an efficient energy system.

The Energy Efficiency of a Heating System.

A heating system is energy-efficient if it uses less energy to produce the same output and performance as other systems. Energy efficiency is necessary because, apart from maintaining your energy bills, it also helps combat climate change and reduce carbon emission levels. 

A furnace is the most popular heating system, and is said to be only 30% efficient when converting fuel to heat. Most of the heat is wasted during the combustion and transmission of heat.

Electric heaters are 100% efficient as they convert all the energy to heat your home. However, on the other hand, heat pumps are preferred more nowadays, as they use 50% of the electricity compared to electric heaters. 

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Tips to Check if Your Heater is Efficient or Not!

AFUE Ratings

The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating is a percentage value that explains the energy efficiency of the heating unit. It is usually written on the sticker on the appliance, and the higher the percentage, the better the heating system’s efficiency.

Heater's Age

The efficiency of any HVAC system gradually decreases as it is used continuously throughout the years. Dust, worn-down components, and faulty wiring can degrade the system’s efficiency. Maintenance services can help you. Call our heating unit in Orem, UT, to replace it once the heating system completes 15 years in your home. 

Type of Heating System

Efficiency depends upon the type of heating system installed in your home. Combustion-powered heating systems are less efficient than electric ones. Heat pump systems are better than other heating systems as they use little electricity to extract heat and transfer it indoors.

Annual Maintenance

Annual maintenance is also essential to ensure the efficiency of heating systems. Most people tend to avoid maintenance calls as they think it is a waste of time. However, improper maintenance can cause the system to develop complicated problems requiring expensive repairs.

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As time goes by, the energy efficiency of all the heating systems stoops down gradually. Maintenance service can help you maintain efficiency and performance levels; however, at one stage, you need to replace your heating unit to preserve comfort in your home. 

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