How Do I Know About If I Have A Heat Pump Or An AC?

There’s little difference between an air conditioner and a heat pump from the outside. So, how do you know about if you have a heat pump? The easiest way to tell is to inspect the thermostat and look for an ER or emergency button. If you are looking for the heat pump replacement in Orem then contact our expert technicians for it.

You have a heat pump if you see it. If not, the unit might be a conventional air conditioner. However alternatives to this approach exist. Continue reading if your heating and cooling system are an AC or heat pump.

What is the Difference Between a Heat Pump and a Conventional Air Conditioner?

Make Sure the Thermostat is Set to ER or Emergency

The thermostat provides a lot of information about your home heating system. It’s just a matter of being smart with your reading. Check the thermostat for an ER, EMER, or emergency button or mode. The Emergency mode is only available on heat pumps, not air conditioners. If you see this mode, you have a heat pump, not a conventional air conditioner. If you are facing any issue regarding it contact HVAC contractor in Orem, UT.

Make Sure the Outdoor Unit is Set to Heat

The second method is to turn on the Heat mode on the thermostat and check the outdoor unit. Depending on whether the mode works, you either have a heat pump or a quality air conditioner.

Check the Outdoor Unit's Labels

There is a lot of information about unit’s on the labels to help you learn more about the product. The side panels of the outdoor AC unit have similar labels. Check properly if you have a heat pump or a quality air conditioner. Try searching for this number on Google.


To be more specific, add the brand name as well. The results confirm heat pumps. Check the Energy Guide label on the outdoor unit if it has one. On most products, it’s a yellow label. So contact us new air conditioner system in Orem, UT.

The Outdoor Unit Should Have a Reversing Valve

The fourth way to determine whether you have a heat pump is to look into the outdoor unit and look for a brass-like valve. It’s a heat pump, not an air conditioner, if you can spot it. It’s absent if you’re using a standard air conditioner. The changed valve allows the heat pump to function as a cooler and a heater.

The valve alters refrigerant flow within the system. However, conventional air conditioners don’t require this valve, so they don’t have it. The first step is to be turn off the system and wait for the fan inside the outdoor unit to stop spinning. With a torchlight, peer inside from the top. Even you can contact us for the ductless air conditioner installation in Orem, UT.


When you experience problems in your heating system, knowing if you have a heat pump or a conventional system can be helpful. When you call JP Cooling & Heating for service, let us know what type of system you have. Don’t worry if you still need clarification – our technicians will find the answer during your service call us at 801-420-1979. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!