General Home HVAC Upkeep Tips for the Fall Season

Poor heating in your home is a possible outcome if you do not prepare your HVAC during fall for the coming winter. Improper HVAC maintenance can frequently require an HVAC contractor in Orem, UT. Make your HVAC ready for efficient heating by using the upkeep tips below.

Five HVAC Upkeep Tips for The Fall Season

These HVAC maintenance tips are inexpensive and easy to follow. You’ll need our HVAC contractor in Orem, UT, for preventive maintenance only, while the other tips are DIY. The five tips to prepare your HVAC during the fall season are as follows;

• Start With the Outdoor Unit

The first thing you need to do is to inspect the outdoor unit of your ductless mini-split unit in Orem, UT. Trim all the vegetation and tree branches to prevent ice build-up and debris accumulation.

In addition, you should drain and shut down the outdoor faucet prone to quick freezing.

• Replace The Air Filter.

The heating equipment needs a new air filter once every 90 days. You should replace the filter during the fall season because a clean filter ensures unrestricted air. Like the central heater, the ductless mini-split unit in Orem also needs an air filter replacement.

• Clean The Grime from the HVAC

Dirt gathered on the filter and other HVAC components is responsible for many repairs and furnace replacement in Orem, UT. Therefore, you need to clean air vents, registers, drain lines, and blower fans.

Cleaning the exhaust pipe is a complex task for which you can contact the technician. If you have not had the ductwork cleaned for more than three years, schedule a cleaning service for your air ducts.

• Set Temperature and Observe Airflow

Testing the HVAC performance is essential to know its condition and service requirements. For this reason, you should set the temperature and observe the airflow during the fall season. The ductless mini-split unit in Orem has a separate thermostat in each room.

Set the temperature separately and test the HVAC performance. If your heater is not blowing sufficient hot air, you may need to replace the thermostat batteries or recalibrate it.

• Spend On Professional HVAC Service

Professional heating services during fall contribute a lot to the performance of central heating unit in Orem, UT. Our technician will inspect, clean, and repair the entire heater to ensure the best airflow and maximum efficiency during cold weather. You should schedule an annual heating maintenance service during the fall season.

If your furnace or heat pump is older than 10 to 15 years and does not work efficiently, you should get your old HVAC replaced before the winter season reaches its peak. Fall is the most suitable time for furnace installation in Orem if you want stress-free heating during winter.

HVAC Contractor in Orem, UT

Professional maintenance service is essential as non-specialists should not handle risky electrical connections or harmful gas leakage problems. JP Cooling and Heating LLC provide the best customer service and safe solutions for all HVAC needs.

Contact us to schedule heating repairs and furnace installation in Orem.