Average Cost of a Heat Pump Installation

Heat pumps redistribute heat from the air or ground and use a coolant that circulates between the indoor unit and the outdoor compressor to move the heat. In cooling mode, a heat pump absorbs heat inside your home and releases it outdoors. An air pump therefore can act as an air conditioner during summertime and heater during winter.

Factors in Calculating Heat Pump Cost

Although a heat pump costs, on average, $5,696, the final cost depends greatly on the size of the unit, the type purchased, and its efficiency level. The average homeowner will pay between $4,133 and $7,294.

Heat pumps in the midrange cost between $100 and $2,800, not including installation costs. Labor fees are the most expensive aspect of installing various heat pumps. In some heat pumps, heat is drawn from the air, while in others, heat is drawn from the soil. 

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Heat Pump Size

During a given time, the heat pump can move a certain amount of heat into and out of the house. Professional installers consider the region’s climate when determining the unit’s size. A 2-ton heat pump costs $3,500 to $5,500, a midsize 3.5-ton unit costs $3,900 to $6,400, and a large 5-ton unit can cost $4,500 to $8,800.


Heat pump units vary in price depending on their efficiency level and brand. You should compare each heat pump’s seasonal energy efficiency rating (SEER), indicating its efficiency level and expected life span. Before installation, smaller units can cost as little as $1,000, while higher-end units can cost as much as $11,200. For heat pump replacement in Orem contact JP Cooling and Heating .

Heat Pump Type

The type of unit, which can pull heat from the air, water, and soil, or run on solar energy, also determines the outcome. Geothermal ground-source heat pumps can run as little as $6,000 (installation included), while solar heat pumps can cost as much as $39,000, primarily because solar panels are expensive.

Heat Pump Efficiency

The efficiency of heat pumps increases in warmer climates where the refrigerant lines can draw from much ambient heat. They become less efficient as regions become cooler but can be supplemented with electric or gas furnaces.

Home Size

Heat pumps must be sized appropriately for the house, just like furnaces and air conditioners. In a home with less than 1,100 square feet, a 1.5-ton heat pump might be sufficient, whereas in a home with 3,000 square feet, a 5-ton unit might be required.

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Location and Climate

It is also important to consider the climate when determining the price of a heat pump. In warmer climates, installing a heat pump costs between $2,200 and $3,700 because the temperatures are mild, and smaller air-to-air units are usually enough.

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