Why Does My AC Keeps Tripping The Circuit Breaker

If you’ve identified that your air conditioner is tripping the breaker, but you have no idea why, it usually trips the breaker because it draws more amps than the breaker can handle. 

In addition, circuit breakers usually trip to safeguard you from overloads, which can damage equipment and might catch fire. So when this happens, stop restarting the breaker and determine the source of the problem by calling a professional HVAC contractor in Orem, UT.

Reasons Your Air Conditioner's Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

Here are some reasons your cooling unit keeps tripping and requires AC repair and AC replacement in Orem.

Clogged Air Filter

Air filters are a protective layer that limits the entry of harmful dirt and pollutants into your home. However, their efficiency declines when the air filters in your cooling appliance get trapped with dirt.

Furthermore, a dirty filter causes your air conditioner’s blower to work harder for longer to circulate air through the filter. If you think your air conditioning unit is frequently tripping the breaker, it is time to clean or replace the air filters.

The Outside Unit is Dirty

Your air conditioner has an inside and outside unit that works coherently with each other. While the outside unit uses coolant, the inside device takes heat from your air. This refrigerant is routed to the outside unit to dissipate heat.

However, if the outside unit is exceptionally dirty, it will be unable to disperse heat effectively because dirt acts as an insulator. So the air conditioner runs and runs, attempting to dissipate the heat outside until—click—the breaker trips due to pulling too much current.

Circuit Breaker Malfunctions

The problem could be with the breaker rather than the air conditioner. Wires linked to the breaker may be frayed, or the blocker itself may be defective and must be replaced.

So when this happens, it is prudent to have a technician tighten or replace the connections to the AC’s breaker. Furthermore, inappropriate cleanup could damage or flatten the coil’s fins, preventing airflow.

The Motor Has Shorted Out

Electric motors in your air conditioner can run for hours and withstand malfunction. However, if a motor runs steamy for an extended period, the wire insulation can deteriorate, resulting in an electrical short. So contact our HVAC contractor in Orem, UT to resolve your problem.

This quick fix allows more electric current to flow than it can handle, causing the wires to overheat, melt, and catch fire.

The Compressor is Having Difficulty Starting

The compressor is the main part of your air conditioning system. When it first turns on, it consumes a considerable amount of electricity. Unfortunately, as the compressor ages, it has difficulty starting and draws even more electricity, allowing the breaker to trip.

And when this happens, your cooling appliance generally has a tough time fulfilling your home’s cooling needs. Hence to avoid this issue, it is rational to seek professional air conditioner tune-up or repair services.


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