Why Choose DAY and NIGHT Products?

Why DAY and NIGHT Products?

Some of you may have heard of Day and Night, but most of you probably haven’t. Day and Night (aka “Day & Night”) is a heating and air conditioning manufacturer that provides a wide range of furnaces, ranging from base-model 80% AFUE models to 98% AFUE high-efficiency models. What you probably don’t know whether you’ve heard of them, or not, is that they are manufactured by the same company that makes a product that you likely know very well – Carrier.

Both Carrier and Day and Night are manufactured by United Technologies, using most of the same internal components. In fact, United Technologies manufactures many of the big-name furnace brands that you’ve probably heard of, including Carrier, Bryant, Day and Night, Temp star, and Payne. So contact our HVAC contractor Orem UT.

Oddly enough, however, it was an industry secret that up until five or six years ago, if you purchased one of these brands, the same exact furnace would come for each one, and in the box would have four different name-plates, one for each brand.

The point is that Day and Night furnaces are high quality and manufactured in the same way as Carrier furnaces, at a fraction of the price.

Features include:

  • High-efficiency furnaces up to 98% AFUE: AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency and is
    a direct measure of how much fuel your furnace transfers into your house as heat. 98% AFUE means
    that 98% of the fuel used heats your home, and 2% is wasted up the flue.
  • Three models: Performance (base model), Constant Comfort (Mid-range model), and ION Series
    (High-end models)
  • 10-Year No Hassle Replacement Limited Warranty on Most Models.
  • Available two-stage, variable-speed, and modulating technology.

It is important to note that we are licensed to install all major furnace brands.