Things To Know When You Are Replacing Your Heating Unit

A heating unit is a big investment. If you’re replacing your existing unit, we would first advise you to reconsider your decision and try to put off replacement as long as repairs work fine. If you are at the point, when heat pump replacement in Orem is the only option left, you should consider the following factors:

When Should You Consider Replacing Your Heating Unit?

Take the entire cost of replacement into consideration and how much you will save on energy, the warranty, and unexpected repairs. Replacement might be the more efficient option after all. Below are a few more points to help you decide if your unit is due its time:

Age of Your Heating System

A typical furnace lasts for around 15 to 20 years. If you notice that your unit is breaking down frequently at this age, it may be better to get a replacement instead of back-to-back repairs. Also, the older models of furnaces tend to consume more electricity with lesser efficiency, which is a disadvantage over newer units. We are also well known for our services like providing the best heating unit in Orem, UT.

The Size of the Heating Unit You Want to Install

Size is a major concern for heating units. While you are buying a new furnace, why compromise with comfort? A smaller heating unit won’t be able to heat all corners of your house efficiently, while a larger-than-needed unit will raise your energy bills uselessly. Therefore, be wise and let the professionals assess and find the right size for your home.

Electricity Costs of the New Higher-Efficiency Model

New heating units are far better than older ones in energy efficiency and use much less energy. If you see your utility bills rising, it is time to consider HVAC contractor in Orem, UT and maximize your savings. Ask your technician to compare the total energy costs for both new and old units, and you will have your answer.

Benefits of the Dual Fuel Heat Pump

If you live where power tripping is frequent, an electric heater cannot function well. It is time you consider buying a dual-fuel heat pump. It combines the features of a gas furnace and an electric heater. Therefore, even if the electricity trips, you can keep warm with gas.

Ventilation and Ductwork Changes

If you are experiencing issues with the design of your home and thinking of renovation, you must consider your HVAC needs first. Even for replacing the heating unit, ensure that all the vents and ducts are compatible with the new model. Consider upgrading your insulation and ductwork repairs, and solve ventilation issues beforehand. if you are looking for an furnace replacement in Orem, UT, at a very affordable rate contact us.

A Professional HVAC Contractor

When installing the new heating unit, you should not compromise on the reputation of the contractor you hire. The best and highest professional contractors do not come cheap because the team members are knowledgeable and provide high-quality services.


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