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What to Do Before Calling a Technician

Regular filter replacement is critical to the proper operation of an HVAC system. Restricted airflow will damage the system and drastically reduce its efficiency. Make sure you are replacing the filter according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Before calling a technician, you might want to:

  • Check the selections on the thermostat
  • Check air filter(s)
  • Check power supplies (switches, breakers, fuses)
  • Check Pilot light if your furnace uses a pilot light
  • Check for any diagnostic flashing codes on the thermostat
  • Check panel switches
  • Look for any condensation drain cut-off switches

According to code, all houses must have an emergency switch. For most homes in our area the switch is located at the top of the basement stairs. Make sure that nobody has hit that emergency switch because it will shut off power to your system.

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