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Furnace Inspection And Tune-Up

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Our technician will perform the following steps:

31 Point Furnace Inspection & Tune-Up

Calibrate Thermostat.
Check Filter.
Check for Gas Leaks.
Clean Burners and Controls.
Check Safety Controls; Adjust if Needed.
Check Flame Sensor.
Clean Equipment Interior.
Check Fan Control.
Check Blower Motor Speed and Operation.
Check all Wiring and Connections.
Check Connection to Flue Pipe and Draft Diverter.
Check Ignition System and Measurements.
Check Heat Exchanger.
Check Complete Furnace Cycle.
Lubricate all Moving Parts.
Check Pressure Switches and Vent Blower/Draft Inducer.
Check Temperature of Vent Air.
Check Condition of Ductwork; Check for Leaks, Duct Size.
Measure Carbon Monoxide.
Clean Exterior.

Air Handler

Does Furnace Have Green Sticker?
Check for Proper Combustion Air.
Check Condition and Cleanliness of Evaporative Coil.
Check Capacitor Readings.
Check Humidifier if They Have One.
If Furnace is High Efficient, Is Secondary Heat Exchanger Clear?
Check Condensate Drain Check for Water Leakage.
As Furnace is Running, Check Temperature Split and Static Pressure.
Is Gas up to Code?
Is Gas Shut Off up to Date?
Does Gas Line Have a Sediment Trap?

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