Can You Save Money By Closing HVAC Vents In Unused Rooms?

Can You Save Money by Closing HVAC Vents in Unused Rooms?

Saving money by closing HVAC vents in unoccupied rooms is a myth, according to experts. That tactic will not save you anything because the system is constantly producing air that gets distributed around your home through ducts and vents. So, if you close off a vent to one room, it will simply adjust the airflow to other parts of your house.

Can You Save Money by Closing HVAC Vents in Unused Rooms?

Are you one of those people who close their air vents in unused rooms? If so, you are probably doing so to save money. Guess what…this could actually be costing you more and making you less comfortable. Let me explain why AIRFLOW!!


It may seem like closing vents in unused rooms would save energy and ultimately money by reducing heating and cooling costs. It’s less square footage to heat or cool, right? Despite that logic, it’s actually a common misconception that closing vents in unused rooms saves energy. In fact, it can actually waste more energy than operating your system normally does. Closing vents in unused rooms saves energy from entering the room, but it also pushes the excess air to other places in your home. If you are facing any problem regarding our HVAC contractor in Orem, UT.


Regardless of how many vents you have open, the heater or air conditioner produces the same amount of air. The added pressure from closing a vent can cause air leaks in your system, causing long-term and unnecessary energy waste. Air leaks cause the unit to work harder as it tries to make your home comfortable. In addition shutting vents could damage your AC or heater, leading to inefficient operation and costly repairs. So contact us for the furnace nstallation in Orem.