Benefits of Annual Furnace Maintenance

With winter and colder weather on the way, many homeowners will begin to turn up their heating unit in Orem, UT. It is important to ensure your furnace receives seasonal maintenance to keep it running happily and efficiently all winter. 

Benefits of Maintaining Your Furnace

The following are benefits of maintaining furnaces; use them so you can stay warm and worry-free this winter:

Helps in Maintaining Efficiency

When you hire our professional to maintain your furnace and provide services and repair, they can also identify problem areas where your home may not seal in the air as efficiently as possible. Your furnace must be in good working order to keep it running well all winter.

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Reduced Utility Bills

Your furnace will run more efficiently during the winter months if it is serviced regularly. Electrical connections are tightened, moving parts are lubricated, correct air flow is measured, blower components are inspected and adjusted, gas pressure is checked, and the condenser and evaporator coil are inspected during maintenance.

Keeping all parts of the furnace running at full capacity increases efficiency during operation, which decreases utility bills.

Boost the Performance of the Furnace

A regular tune-up will help ensure that your furnace is operating at peak efficiency. Our HVAC specialist will come to your home and conduct a multi-point inspection, including checking the ducts for gaps or holes and identifying potential airflow issues. 

A midnight breakdown is the last thing you want to happen on a cold night. If you are seeking a reliable furnace service provider to come and check your heating unit in Orem, UT, contact JP Cooling and Heating.

Less Number of Repairs

Seasonal inspections allow the technician to thoroughly inspect your furnace and identify minor issues before they become costly repairs. Cleaning, lubrication, and inspection of your furnace keep it running at peak efficiency, resulting in fewer breakdowns or problems during operation. 

These ways will keep your furnace in good working condition so that your home is reliably heated throughout the winter, reducing the chance of untimely furnace replacement in Orem, UT.

System Longevity

A furnace should last around 20 years; you can extend it by up to 30% by scheduling annual furnace maintenance. However, if not properly maintained, problems may arise that would lead to the unit’s replacement after 10 years. Minor issues, such as small leaks, will be detected during furnace maintenance. 

If such minor issues are not addressed on time, then these can lead to larger problems that compromise your unit’s service life. Regular maintenance ensures that your furnace performs well in its running time. A furnace that is efficient and runs smoothly will last longer.

HVAC Solutions for Optimum System Functionality

The cooler months of the year can be a welcome change. However, with the weather comes a checklist of things to do. For example, you should have your furnace serviced once a year, and right before a cold front arrives and stays is a great time to do so. JP Cooling and Heating can help you with that and more. Our team provides effective services to give you the best user experience.

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