Are You Considering Installing A Ductless Cooling And Heating System?

Are you considering installing a Ductless Cooling and Heating System?

There several options that you can use to heat and cool your home. One lesser-known choice is the mini-split heat pump. But how do they work? Ductless mini-split pump systems work by using an indoor unit that is connected to an outdoor compressor. The outdoor compressor works to heat/cool the air then send the air directly into your home through the indoor unit. This all works together by way of a refrigerant line opposed to your usual duct system. This makes Mini Heat Pump systems a more affordable heating and cooling option, and easy to install in already built homes. The biggest difference between mini-split heat pumps and traditional HVAC units is that they do not require ductwork. So contact us for the ductless mini split unit in Orem.

Ducts are designed to carry the hot or cold air that your HVAC is producing and distribute it throughout your house. The lack of ducts limits the reach of the heating and cooling effects that these systems produce. Unlike traditional HVAC systems where one unit can cover your entire home, mini-split heat pumps are perfect for heating and cooling smaller sections of your structure. If you required more information about the it, Contact our HVAC contractor in Orem, UT.